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Important Visa Information


There is limited availability for nonimmigrant visa services. Please use our online booking system for an appointment.

Payment Methods & Details

Effective June 17, 2023, the visa application fee of MGA 851,000 (USD 185.00) will be collected ONLY at the Embassy in Antananarivo at the time of your interview according to the current Consular Rate of Exchange.

Payment can be in Ariary or in U.S. Dollars.

Visa Issuance Fees: On basis of reciprocity, citizens of Comoros, as well as other nations, may be charged a visa issuance fee in addition to the visa application fee. This fee varies depending on the type of visa and number of entries.

Please note that the current consular exchange rate in Madagascar is Ariary 4,600= $1 U.S.


Nonimmigrant Visa Processing Fee Increase

The U.S. Department of State has increased certain nonimmigrant visa (NIV) application processing fees and Border Crossing Card (BCC) fees for Mexican citizens age 15 and over. These fee increases are effective as of June 17, 2023.

  • The application fee for visitor visas for business or tourism (B1/B2s and BCCs), and other non-petition based NIVs such as student and exchange visitor visas, has increased from $160 USD to $185 USD.
  • The application fee for certain petition-based nonimmigrant visas for temporary workers (H, L, O, P, Q, and R categories) has increased from $190 USD to $205 USD.
  • The application fee for a treaty trader, treaty investor, and treaty applicant in a specialty occupation (E category) has increased from $205 USD to $315 USD.

Other consular fees remain the same, including the waiver of the two-year residency required fee for certain exchange visitors. Applicants who have already paid a visa application fee that is currently valid and non-expired, but who have not yet appeared for their visa interview or are waiting for their case to be processed, will not be charged any additional fees.

For additional information please visit this page from the Department of State’s website.

Appointments & Locations

To book your appointment, you will need the barcode number from your DS-160.

To get an appointments, go to the Appointment System website and follow the instructions.

You must print and bring your Appointment Confirmation page to your interview. Each visa applicant must have his/her own appointment. If you are applying as a family, each applying member must have an appointment.

To change/cancel an appointment, log-in to your account with your name and the ID number that was generated by the system when you made your appointment.

IMPORTANT: To prevent multiple bookings by the same person, the Embassy/Consulate reserves the right to cancel any appointments that do not appear to be valid reservations. Please spell your name correctly. Multiple name spellings with the same or similar passport numbers may be subject to cancellation.

Consular Section’s contact for visas-related information request:  AntanVisa@state.gov.

Consular Section’s contact for American Citizen: AntanACS@state.gov.

Expedited Appointment Procedures and Criteria


If you have an unforeseen travel need as per one of the criteria listed below, you may qualify for an expedited appointment depending on availability at the U.S. Embassy. It is important to ensure you meet all the criteria, because applicants are only allowed to create one expedited appointment request.


Before you apply for an expedited appointment, you must ensure that you have documentary evidence to prove the urgency. If it appears during your visa interview that you misrepresented the reasons for urgent travel, such facts will be noted on your case file and may adversely influence the outcome of your visa application. Applicants who are granted an expedited appointment but subsequently refused a visa at the U.S. Embassy will not be allowed to utilize this option to obtain another expedited appointment.

Note: Travel for the purpose of attending weddings and graduation ceremonies, assisting pregnant relatives, participating in an annual business/academic/professional conference, or enjoying last-minute tourism does not qualify for expedited appointments. For such travel, please schedule a regular visa appointment well in advance.

Valid Reasons for Requesting an Expedited Appointment:

Urgent Business Travel

Purpose of travel is to attend to an urgent business matter where the travel requirement could not be predicted in advance.

Essential documentation:

  • A letter of invitation from the corresponding company in the United States attesting to the urgency of the planned visit, describing the nature of the business and that either the U.S. or Malagasy or Comoran company will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an expedited appointment is not available.


  • Evidence of a necessary training program in the United States of three months duration or less, to include letters from both the Malagasy employer and the U.S. entity providing the training. Both letters should include a detailed explanation of the training and explain why either the U.S. or Malagasy company will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an expedited appointment is not available.

Students or exchange visitors

Purpose of travel is to begin or resume a valid program of study in the United States within 60 days when no regular visa appointments are available. This option is limited only to students and exchange students who are within 60 days of their start date. It is also limited only to applicants who have not been refused a visa within the last six months at the U.S. Embassy.

Essential documentation:

  • Original Form I-20 or DS-2019 indicating start date of program within 60 days.
  • Evidence that you have paid the SEVIS fee (when applicable).

Medical Needs

Purpose of travel is to obtain urgent medical care, or to accompany a relative or employer for urgent medical care.

Essential documentation:

  • A letter from your doctor in Madagascar describing the medical condition and why you are seeking medical care in the United States.
  • A letter from the physician or hospital in the United States indicating that they are prepared to treat the case and providing the approximate cost of the treatment.
  • Evidence of how you will pay for the cost of the treatment.


Purpose of travel is to attend the funeral of or make arrangements for repatriating the body of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild) in the United States.

Essential documentation:

  • A letter from the funeral director stating the contact information, the details of the deceased and the date of the funeral.
  • You must also present evidence that the deceased is an immediate relative.

Applying for an Expedited Appointment

Step 1

Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form 

Step 2

Email AntanVISA@state.gov to request an expedited appointment after confirming that they are no available appointments before your urgent travel date.  Be sure to attach all required documentation.

Step 3

If the Embassy approves your request, then you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your expedited appointment.  Should the Embassy deny your request for an expedited appointment, you will be notified of the denial by email.  You are free to schedule a regular appointment on the Embassy website.

Note: The email confirming or denying your request will come from AntanVISA@state.gov. Some email applications have rules which filter unknown senders into a spam or junk mail folder. If you have not received your email notification, please look for the message in your junk and spam email folders.

Step 4

Visit the U.S. Embassy on the date and time of your visa interview. You will need to bring a printed copy of the email confirmation of your Expedite Appointment, your DS-160 confirmation page, one recent photograph, your current and all old passports, and the visa fee payment. Applications without any of these items will not be accepted.

Security Information


We strongly advise visitors to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.  In some cases we may not be able to accommodate visitors who arrive more than 15 minutes late.

Please allow for at least five minutes to complete the required security screening at the Consular entrance to the Embassy compound across from the Jovena gas station.


Due to security concerns and space limitations, the U.S. Embassy does not allow interested parties such as friends, relatives, attorneys, or business contacts to attend a visa interview with an applicant.  All U.S. Embassy visitors and their personal belongings must pass through a security screening before entering the Embassy compound.  For reasons of safety and security, visitors may not bring the following prohibited items onto the Embassy compound:

    • Cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices;
      Note: Cell phones may be stored securely at the Consular entrance for the duration of your visit but there is limited storage for other electronic items.
    • Media devices such as CDs, thumb drives, SD cards, headphones, speakers, etc.;
    • Cameras or video equipment, or other recording devices;
    • Flashlights;
    • Lighters and matches;
    • Knives and other sharp objects;
    • Other weapons or any item which can be used as a weapon;
    • Purses and bags larger than 18” x 18”; and
    • Liquids, gels, aerosols, oils, lotions, or powder (see exceptions below).

This list is not all-inclusive and security officials reserve the right to deny entry of items determined to be unsafe or a threat to security.

The following items are permitted:

    • Medical devices (please declare prior to screening);
    • Small quantities of make-up;
    • Small quantities of baby formula, baby food, and milk;
    • Small quantities of diapers;
    • Belts;
    • Watches;
    • Keys;
    • Non-liquid medications; and
    • Baby carriers or strollers that are small enough to pass through an x-ray machine.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you need reasonable accommodation for your appointment, we encourage you to request your accommodation immediately once you schedule your appointment. We make every effort to provide accommodations to persons with disabilities and medical conditions. Reasonable accommodations vary, depending on the situation and the person’s needs.
Examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:

    • If you require a private appointment due to a medical condition or disability, we may schedule an alternative time for you to come in for your interview.
    • If you or your child has special needs that requires a private appointment in a quiet space without distractions, we may schedule an alternative time for you or your family to come in for your interview.
    • If you are unable to speak, you may be allowed to respond to questions in an agreed-upon nonverbal manner such as using pen and paper.
    • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may bring a sign language interpreter to translate during the interview if needed.
    • If you have low vision, we may provide you with communications in large print.

If you are unable to provide fingerprints because of a medical condition, including birth defects, physical deformities, skin conditions, you may qualify for a fingerprint waiver for certain fingers.

  • Interview waivers are only granted in extreme situations, such as having a medical condition that requires flying in an air ambulance.

The waiting room of the Consular Section and its restroom is wheelchair-accessible.

Please contact us at AntanVisa@state.gov for more information or to request reasonable accommodation.