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U.S. Embassy Statement on Comoros Election Results
January 19, 2024

The United States commends the people and government of Comoros for maintaining order and calm the day of the country’s presidential and gubernatorial elections, despite some documented irregularities.  However, the subsequent announcement of the provisional results by the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) raised serious concerns that must be addressed to maintain the peace and well-being of the nation.

The Comorian people expect and deserve free and fair elections. However, violence is not the answer to concerns about the process. We call on the CENI, and Comorian authorities, to ensure full transparency and clarify the results it announced on January 16 in advance of the certification of results by the Supreme Court.  In particular, we welcome clarity on the initial results announced, which indicated a disparity in the turnout for those voting for president and the islands’ governors which was not apparent to domestic and international elections observers.

The United States calls upon all parties in Comoros to respect the democratic process, its constitution, and the rule of law to prevent further loss of life and property.  We denounce all violence, call for calm from all parties, including opposition parties,  and urge all election-related grievances be resolved through established legal processes.

The United States hopes the government of Comoros will take the opportunity to ensure transparency in the electoral process, increase confidence in its institutions and ensure the integrity of this and future elections.