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The Union of Comoros and Huffine Global Solutions Sign the Comoros Food Security Initiative
December 13, 2022

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Tourism of the Union of the Comoros (Comoros), His Excellency Houmed M’Saidie, and CEO Edwin Huffine of Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) announce the signing of the Comoros Food Security Initiative to increase food production within Comoros as well as interisland transportation of food.

His Excellency Houmed M’Saidie stated: “The signing of the Comoro Food Security Initiative with HGS provides Comoros access to multiple companies in the agricultural and management space to significantly increase crop and food production across Comoros. The strategy that has been developed will provide increased agricultural production on the islands of Grande Comoros, Anjouan, and Moheli and is based upon the unique agriculture potential of each island and is in line with our Emerging Comoros Plan (ECP) for 2030.”

The Comoros archipelago is a series of idyllic, tropical islands located in the Mozambique Channel.  As the islands are somewhat isolated, they have increased vulnerability to supply chain interruptions and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and conflict in Europe created food supply issues to the islands.  The Comoros Food Security Initiative addresses not only local agriculture production increases, but also improved interisland transportation of both food and personal.  The agreement between Comoros and HGS was signed during the December 3rd, 2022, Investor Summit of Comoros Development.

According to Edwin Huffine, “HGS team members have made four visits to Comoros in the past five months and have come to greatly appreciate the beauty of the nation as well as the warmth of the people and the open reception of government officials.  The Comoros Food Security Initiative we have jointly signed brings the strength and experience of HGS partner companies to Comoros to help develop a more secure and reliable locally developed, managed, and operated food chain.  This agreement with Comoros perfectly reflects our motto: ‘Transforming the Natural Resources of a Nation into Sustainable Health and Prosperity for its People.’”

HGS is the parent company of a consortium of companies that include those which have developed advanced technologies that improve their industries in terms of efficiency and/or cost.  These companies work together to provide comprehensive solutions to regions and nations to meet the goals and visions of the local population.  This includes maximizing hiring of local staff and the utilization of local resources in project development as well as reinvestment into the nation and her people.  HGS has a global network of vetted partners/members who are well connected locally and understand business development in their nations.  Once we vet and accept a new partner company under our umbrella, we introduce them to our international network.

U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Madagascar and to the Union of the Comoros Claire Pierangelo stated: “The U.S. government is pleased to see growing engagement between the Union of the Comoros and U.S. businesses as it relates to the signing of the Comoros Food Security Initiative.  Around the world, U.S. companies bring with them quality investment, high standards, and advanced technology. U.S. companies are also well known for investing in local communities and creating jobs.