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[Speech] Launch of the USAID/UNDP Civic Education Project
Speech by Ambassador Pierangelo

October 19, 2023

Good morning and greetings from Antananarivo.

I am very happy to help launch this important project and partnership between United States and the Comoros.

The relationship between our two nations is growing and we are honored to partner with you to strengthen and promote democracy in Comoros.

The right of citizens to participate in public life is enshrined in your Constitution.

However, Comorian citizens may be absent from public affairs in practice

simply because they don’t understand the process or the roles and responsibilities of all citizens in a democracy.

The United States supports the Comorian Constitution’s promise to protect and promote democratic values and freedom of expression for all citizens.

This includes supporting the participation of women and youth in the democratic process and promoting open dialogue between governments and the communities they serve.

Through this new project, the U.S. through USAID will provide $600,000 to UNDP to work with the Comorian government to promote strong civic education for women and youth groups.

I thank and challenge our Comorian civil society partners to continue and expand the important role they play in civic education that will be important for the success of this project.

I’d also like to thank the CENI, for their leadership in the election process.

Your role is key to a bright Comorian future.

Finally, my thanks to the Comorian Government, and to UNDP, for their commitment to the democratic participation of all Comorian citizens in civic life.

The American people fully support inclusive civic participation, freedom of expression of all Comorian citizens, and free and fair democratic elections.

This new U.S. government support to promote civic education in Comoros is part of an expanding bilateral relationship that includes development assistance; security cooperation; democracy, human rights and governance; trade and investment; and people-to-people ties.

The potential of this new project to foster stronger civic engagement at this strategic moment in Comorian history is exciting; you have a chance to be a shining example to other nations in the region.

I thank each of you for your part in helping make that a reality.

Thank you.